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Hello booming parents, welcome to the blooming family. Here, you can get access to our complete e-book collections, specially curated for you. With all the information, you can start blooming your children the right way! Check out our latest issue for this month 🙂

This week's issue:

Learn & Play

We know that things get hectic for you as parents, especially during this pandemic, where most of the time you will be at home, either working or taking care of your family. So, in the Learn & Play section for this week, we get to see 8 ways for you to help your toddler play independently. With this, you can focus on other things without having to worry about your children!

Printable Activities

The theme for this week's printable activities is alphabets from A to F. With varieties of printable activities, such as alphabet matching coloring, and writing, your toddlers get to learn alphabets in a fun way.

Activities Suggestions

Quick and easy toddler activities is the topic that we have chosen for this week's activities suggestions. Activities like shoe-matching game and cornflake sensory bin will definitely spice up your daily routines with your toddlers. Your toddlers will be happy to spend some time with their booming parents!

Health & Recipes

This week you will get to learn how to make pikelets for you and your toddlers. It is a very quick and simple dish to make, and it is delicious too! We believe that healthy nutrition is one of the most vital components for growing toddlers. Health is wealth!

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